August and September have been a complete blur.
My biggest news:

Placing a shop directly on the site is something I've wanted to do for a long time now, as I believe there's no better way to make my original works available to you.  You can now purchase art prints, one of a kind fan art, and signed copies of the books I've work on, with more coming soon.

The Subarshii Etsy site will remain open for all things Penguin and Peep, but many of their items will be available in both shops.


 Santa Super Spy

Two of the five children's books I signed on to do are now complete.  The latest, is book #4 in the Santa Claus Super Spy series, Minnesota Minotaur!  How fun is that?  I can't claim credit for the wonderful cover art, but inside there will be 14 BW chapter illustrations that I had a blast sketching.  I'll make sure copies are available on the site once the book is out.


Drawing Night

Last week I held another Drawing Night at the Local Store in Eau Claire.  The turnout was great with a mix of amateurs and professionals, young and old.  We had a wonderful model, dressed in a cool Urban Punk Fae outfit.  I experimented with some different drawing tools.  These 10 minute sketches were done with prismacolour brush pens and winchester watercolor markers.  I really enjoyed this technique as I could make a quick swipe with the watercolor marker, then bleed it out with a little water for quick, clean, easy shading.


We said goodbye to the last of our Japanese guests this month.  One of the girls had stayed on until a week ago, and with her departure I feel like it's back to the grind.  It was tons of fun having her here, I enjoyed taking trips on the weekends to sight-see and getting to share my beautiful world.  On one of those sight-seeing days we all got in the car to head out, and were met with an unusual guest.  We certainly have some special neighbors out here in the country!


 What’s coming up next?

The Falling Leaves Art Tour
I'm excited to be celebrate my 4th year as part of the tour, and honored to have my artwork featured on the brochure for 2015.  I hope you have a chance to check out the tour and come see my studio October 3rd & 4th!

About the tour (from the website):
The Falling Leaves Art Studio Tour is a free, self-guided tour featuring art of all kinds. Take a drive through beautiful Northwestern Wisconsin, stop at your leisure, see some incredible artwork and chat with the artists who created it. We look forward to seeing you on the tour!


Thanks all for now!  Thanks,