Spring Update

Greetings!  I’m so excited it’s spring!

I’ve had another busy season while I work to finish up another children’s book project and continue teaching online classes.

I’ve been so busy, I thought it would help to hire an assistant...

...unfortunately, things didn’t work out, I caught him sleeping on the job too many times!

Work aside, I entered a T-shirt Design Contest on WeLoveFine.com for fun.  If you'd care to vote on the design, I’d appreciate it!  You can vote until May. http://community.welovefine.com/m/contests/designs/Star-Trek-50-Contest/list/id-43729

Recently Released:
A couple of the books I finished last year have now been released.

The Tornado Watchers


Da Noah Un Di Oahrich (Noah’s Arch)

Upcoming Events:
Please join me if you’re in the area!

Eau Claire Artist’s Drawing Night April 21st

MSP Comic Con 2016 May 14th & 15th

What's Next?

Once I finish my current book project, I'll be resuming work on the Forever Girls! online comic, and a few other personal projects I'm really excited about!  Catch up on the Forever Girls now at:

Thanks for following my work!