Exciting News!

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to announce my design for the Star Trek 50th Anniversary T-Shirt Design Contest through welovefine.com has won the Red Shirt Runner up award!

Thank you all for supporting me, for sharing, voting, and commenting on the design!  I am absolutely blown away!  This is the first design contest I’ve ever won a prize for and this is my first design for sale printed on t-shirts!  You can even get it in three different colors.

Men’s Sizes:
Women’s Sizes:

In other news...
Penguin & Peep are having some sweet little moments in a new comic!
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Updates will be weekly, most likely on Thursdays.

Upcoming Events:
Eau Claire Artist’s Drawing Night June 16th

Kansas City Comic Con 2016 August 12th & 14th

Soon to be Released: Colombian Adventures
This Children’s Book I illustrated will be released on June 15th.  I just received a special copy ahead of time today!
Thank you all for sharing in my artistic journey!