Fun Things in the Works!

Hello Friends,
I hope your 2017 is off to a good start!  After such a busy season of travel in the fall I’ve been happy to have a season of rest.  

Coming Soon:
-Penguin & Peep – Little Moments Kickstarter

 Now, I’m gearing up to run a Kickstarter to have Penguin & Peep’s comics printed in a book!  The book will have all the comics that are up on now, plus more that I’m saving as a special surprise! 

I’ve set up a separate e-mail list for those who’d like to be notified when the campaign starts and when the book is available to purchase afterwards:
It would mean so much to me if you’re able to check out the campaign and share it with anyone you think would be interested, once it starts!

The comic collection will feature little moments from Penguin & Peep’s lives, so in honor of their Little Moments, let me share with you one of mine:

A Funny Moment…
Over the holidays I received the longest box I’ve ever been shipped from amazon.

I was mystified when it arrived knowing that I hadn’t ordered anything so large… and so light weight.

I looked inside… only to find one little kids book I’d ordered, no padding! 

The book arrived safely, but that’s got to be the most ridiculous packing job I’ve seen!  LOL It really got my imagination going over how this box might have been packed… I wonder!


Easter Lilly
The latest children’s book I illustrated, “Easter Lilly” is now available from the publisher!  Written by the same author (Frank Ellis) as Christmas Eve:

Crazy Cat Lady
Meko Card Games who published the Farm Game featuring my illustrations will soon release another game I had the pleasure of working on- The Crazy Cat Lady Game!

Upcoming Events:
San Diego Comic-Con July 2017! 

Thanks for reading!