Update & Free Printables!


I want to give you a little something as thanks for your support in following me, sharing about my work, and supporting my projects!


Penguin & Peep printable Thank You Card

Ocean printable Coloring Sheet

What I’ve been up to:
I’ve been taking it easy after a busy season of fulfilling the Penguin & Peep Kickstarter campaign rewards and attending Comic Con San Diego.  Here are a few photo highlights from Comic Con, and if you missed out on the Kickstarter for Penguin & Peep, you can buy a copy of the book online in my shop here!
In front of the Cartoon Network balloons at San Diego Comic Con!  "Ice Bear will take care of it."-We Bare Bears (one of my favorite cartoons on TV right now!)

I saw Conan O’Brian on my way back to the hotel one night! I couldn’t help but join in on the selfie-taking.

Author Christopher Paolini stopped by my table to greet my friend who is a huge fan!  He was kind enough to take a picture with me too.

Upcoming Events:
September 7th- Digital Illustration Presentation at Heyde Center for the Arts
September 9th- Eau Claire Comic Con 10am-5pm
September 30th & October 1st-  Falling Leaves Art Tour
October 7th- MCBA Fall Comic Con (tentative)
November 10th-12th- Kansas City Comic Con

Who are you again, what is this?
If you’re getting this e-mail, you either signed up on one of my websites or during an event.  Recently, my multiple e-mail lists have been combined.

I hope you have a great week and enjoy the DIY printables!