Penguin & Peep are being Animated!

Summer is starting to heat things up, so here’s a fun gif of Penguin & Peep to help you chill out!  It’s from my current WIP (work in progress), a collection of animated shorts with the characters.
Don’t worry, when it’s finished it’ll be in full color like the original art print it’s based on.

I’ve held back on posting an update until I had something worth sharing.  Obviously, I do now because, come on, who wouldn’t want to see more of Penguin & Peep?  In 2017 their comic was kick-started thanks to many wonderful backers, but even before that, I had always dreamed of animating these characters.  I'm happy to announce that a collection of cute/funny shorts is in the works!

This post marks the start of a new chapter in my life as I switch gears to focus on animation, and this little snippet is, God willing, the first of many!  I’m inviting you to come along with me as I continue my artistic journey.  I’ll be sharing more about it in upcoming posts, and of course, sharing more fun art along the way too.